Message from the Tribal Chief

To our members, leaders, staff, and partners, it has been exciting and a sincere pleasure to work on your behalf.

Our effort to improve the quality of life for our membership has not wavered.

Our members deserve to be successful and prosperous and be able to provide for their families and contribute to the community.

As STC’s Tribal Chief my job is to facilitate opportunities to work with industry, education, training, jobs and basic human and family services. It is the responsibility of each individual who utilizes these opportunities and services to be successful.

The road to a greater quality of life is being paved by the STC. We have renewed and continue to strengthen our education partnership with both the Public and Catholic/Separate School Boards. From this, we will build a greater understanding of First Nation cultures, the importance of our languages and the significance of the spiritual component needed for student success.

We have engaged the potash industry to gain employment and start the discussion on procurement opportunities for the STC members, and the other business opportunities that will follow.

With a view to creating a path of success for the future, we have begun a review of our governance, mission and internal administrative structures within STC.

We undertook this review so as to be more responsive to the needs of our communities and ensure we are not only relevant and responsive, but continue to strengthen our governance, accountability and transparency. This review will result in changes that will improve service delivery, enhance and strengthen our partnerships with education, industry, government and the services we provide to the community.

Our vision and mission at the Saskatoon Tribal Council is focused on improving the quality of life for our members and the community.

I want to thank our Elders and leaders for their wisdom and guidance, and our staff and partners for their dedication and hard work in building our vision for the future.


Tribal Chief Felix Thomas