Housing & Technical Services

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The role of Housing and Technical Services is to provide advisory services to the STC First Nations in the areas of housing, infrastructure, water treatment and facility maintenance. Housing inspections, database inventory, mapping, community planning and asset condition reporting (ACRS) are also provided.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) provides minimal funding for these services. A fee for service agreement to provide inspection services for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) housing projects has also been established through NISI (native inspection services initiative).

Training is provided for Housing Coordinators, Water Treatment Plant Operators and building maintenance staff.  Funding for the Water Treatment Plant Operator trainers and for building maintenance employee training is provided by INAC through the STC funding agreement. All other training is funded through revenue generated from external work or from CMHC’s Aboriginal Capacity Building Program that STC sits as a representative on the board.

STC Housing and Technical staff are supported by the Housing Advisory Committee. This committee, consisting of housing and public works community Councillors and Coordinators, meets quarterly to provide input to the Housing and Technical Program and to receive current information pertaining to the program.


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