Economic Development

Economic Development Services supports two primary mandates:

  • Develop a sustainable economic development department that is focused on creating wealth and employment opportunities for the Saskatoon Tribal Council through the creation or acquisition of profitable business ventures.
  • Be an economic development and business advisory resource for the seven First Nations that make up the Saskatoon Tribal Council.

The cornerstone of STC’s wealth creation mandate is its mission statement:

Develop a First Nations-owned investment company that is focused on acquiring a strong group of profitable businesses that creates wealth and sustainable economic development for the Saskatoon Tribal Council.”

The operative phase in the mission statement is “acquiring a strong group of profitable businesses”.  To achieve this objective STC adopted nine business acquisition criteria to evaluate potential business targets:

  • Minimum 5 year operating history.
  • Annual sales between $2.5MM – $20 MM
  • Company must possess some/all of the following qualities: superior technology, superior product(s), comparative cost advantage, barrier to entry, exceptional management.
  • History of profitable operations.
  • Low leverage on the company’s balance sheet.
  • Strong management with succession capability.
  • Ability to grow revenues and profits post acquisition.
  • Bankable business.
  • Acquisition purchase price less or equal to 4 times EBIT (earning before interest & taxes).


Economic Development Advisor

#200 - 335 Packham Avenue

Saskatoon, SK    S7N 4S1

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