Quality of Life Strategy

The Saskatoon Tribal Council has a strategy to work with its communities and levels of government to improve the quality of life of its members. This means working together to provide opportunities to increase individuals’ success in education, employment and personal development. It means increasing the standard of living for families through access to critical social and community programs. And it means inspiring communities to strive for improved living conditions, health and economic circumstances.

Strategic Framework

The following framework provides an overview of how the Tribal Council has identified the critical social support systems that must work collaboratively to activate change.

To be effective and proactive, the process must begin at the community level within the education system with the younger population. At the same time, it must also engage families to participate in skills development in areas that will enhance their capacity to improve their own quality of life and increase their ability to contribute to their community.

Quality of Life Components

1. Education

Increased Education Levels

Many jobs require a Grade 12 education. Currently, within the STC on-reserve population (15 years and older) there are only 40% that have acquired this education level (Census 2006, Statistics Canada). Research and statistics demonstrate the correlation between education levels and employment. The overall employment gap between First Nation and non-Aboriginal population in Saskatchewan narrows to only 3% difference in employment rates among university graduates.

Programs to Advance First Nations Education

2. Essential Skills

Learning Life, Workplace and Essential Skills

Many of our First Nation people lack the essential skills others may take for granted. These are the tools required to live independently and the basic skills necessary to be productive in the workplace. These often include:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Numeracy & Budgeting
  • Oral Communication
  • Drivers Education
  • Healthy Relationships & Lifestyle Choices
  • Grocery Shopping & Cooking

Programs to Obtain Essential Skills Training

  • Labour Force Development
  • Urban Labour Force Work Partnership

3. Employment

Employment Opportunities

The Saskatoon Tribal Council is creating supports to encourage participation of First Nations people in the workplace through training programs, mentorship opportunities and industry partnerships. By developing relationships with industry and promoting those alliances which increase recruitment and retention of First Nation employees, we will help advance First Nation economic development and assist in strengthening social support systems

Programs to Obtain Essential Skills Training

  • Career Counseling
  • Job Coaching
  • Work Placements
  • Employer Site Orientation

4. Support Systems

The member communities of the Saskatoon Tribal Council are regularly confronted with challenges that are not directly related to the ability or interest of individuals to participate in the workforce. Often times, a lack of support systems impede qualified people from gaining employment.

Programs to Obtain Essential Skills Training

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Mentorship
  • Health & Wellness

5. Economic Development

This program seeks to develop a sustainable economic development department that is focused on creating wealth and employment opportunities for the Saskatoon Tribal Council through the creation or acquisition of profitable business ventures.