STC Health & Family Services Inc.

STC Health & Family Services is a diverse, multi-disciplinary incorporated entity wholly owned by the seven (7) First Nations signatory to the Saskatoon Tribal Council Convention Act. It is mandated to address opportunities, issues and items of concern in the area of public health and social development. Originally directed to provide services and supports to the On-Reserve membership, it recently was expanded to address issues of public and community health in the city of Saskatoon. Services in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods are in keeping with the authority vested to the Saskatoon Tribal Council under the Saskatchewan First Nations Urban Protocol 1996 (revised February 2007).

STC Health & Family Services Inc. provides support services to the seven (7) member First Nations through their local health and social development authorities and through direct clinical supervision to front-line staff. With a few exceptions, actual service delivery is designed, directed and managed at the community level. These programs and services include all aspects of community and public health and well-being including:  Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Home & Community Care, Environmental Health, Addictions Services, Mental Health, Child, Youth and Family Services.

The organizational structure is comprised of eight (8) Program and Service Units covering over 103 individual specific programs and services. This is delivered with a staff compliment of 60 full-time employees working with over 300 community employed front line staff.

The purpose of our corporate existence is to attain:

Healthy, happy, supportive, balanced, individuals, families, communities and nations.

Our intent is to ensure that the members of the Saskatoon Tribal Council have access to services and programs to address life holistically and in balance with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, thereby enabling individuals, families and communities to achieve optimal health and well-being.  This will be achieved by working in cooperation with our Elders, Leadership and community authorities.

Programs & Services

Community Health

Community Wellness

Home & Community Care

Community Nutrition Program

Indian Residential School Survivor Support Workers Program

Environmental Health

STC Health Centre

Research, Evaluation & Epidemiology

Focus On Families

Maternal Child Health

Early Childhood Development


STC Health & Family Services Inc.
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