Mistawasis Nêhiyawak

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Mistawasis Nêhiyawak

Mistawasis is located about 70 kilometers west of Prince Albert, and 120 kilometers north of Saskatoon. It covers an area of 125 square kilometers. In the past Mistawasis First Nation has utilized its land base for agriculture, fishing, hunting, fur trapping, silviculture, logging, herbs and craft materials.Economic Development is not new to Mistawasis First Nation. It has always been based on the need to provide for the community, but also driven by a better quality of living. What culturally and historically started as being keepers of the land, grew to a trading industry, and has evolved into modern day business. It was with this mindset that Mistawasis First Nation started their journey to become a business ready entity that would provide financial stability as well as work opportunities for the Nation.


In the spirit of Mistawasis, we honour Nêhiyawak traditions as we advance our Nation.


Mistawasis Nêhiyawak will protect our treaties, our community, our lands and our resources


The values of Mistawasis Nêhiyawak will guide and shape our organizational culture and beliefs. These values will help us unite when we deal with various issues. Our values will form an ethical foundation for Mistawasis Nêhiyawak and guide the behaviour of our members, leaders, management and staff.

Leadership – Independence, guidance, protectors, management
Integrity – Honesty, good character, decency, fairness, sincerity, truthfulness
Synergy – Working together for greater effect
Innovation – Creating new, advanced and unique programs and services</span>

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Mistawasis Nêhiyawak

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