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Award winning education program Pathways to Education Canada set to launch in Saskatoon 2018

Pathways to Education Program™ will address the current state of inequity in educational outcomes for Indigenous youth.

Toronto, Ontario (September 1, 2017) – Pathways to Education Canada has partnered the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) to improve the high school graduation rates of Indigenous youth and to address inequity related to education and employment in Saskatoon.

Scheduled to launch in the 2017-2018 school year, STC will deliver the award-winning program– a combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one support – to Indigenous students living in Saskatoon. STC will be the first host in Saskatchewan and the first Tribal Council in Canada to host the Pathways to Education Program. 

According to Statistics Canada, the median income of Canada’s Indigenous population aged 25-64 is estimated to be $11,000 lower than their non-Indigenous counterparts, and reporting suggests this is directly linked to inequity in education opportunities for Indigenous students.

For more than 15 years, Pathways to Education has recorded groundbreaking results. High school graduation rates have increased by an average of 85 per cent, and 74 per cent of all students who graduated from high school while in the Pathways Program have gone on to post-secondary education or training. 

The Pathways Program provides students with weekly tutoring, flexible and personalized mentoring, financial incentives and scholarship funding, as well as advocacy to successfully engage the student and their family, school, program, and community. These supports come at no cost to the youth or their families.

STC is committed to educational equity, with one of five key strategies to increase Grade 12 graduation rates of STC members to meet or exceed the provincial average by 2020. With this focus, STC’s Education Unit and their existing partners are in a unique position to implement a mentorship and tutoring program for Indigenous students.

“Our mutual goal of improving the graduation rates of Indigenous students in provincial schools and ultimately in our member First Nations is an opportunity to work together and share in the responsibility of educating Indigenous youth – as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Call to Action #7,” says Tribal Chief Felix Thomas.

The Pathways Program in Saskatoon will join 18 existing Pathways Program locations from coast to coast.

Pathways Canada, CNFC, and STC acknowledge the Government of Canada’s continued support of the Pathways Program and Canada’s youth, and are grateful for their commitment to the expansion of the Pathways Program.

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