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STC-U of S give symbol of reconcilliation to Bentwood Box

A portfolio of artwork created by senior art students, each an interpretation of Elder accounts of residential school experiences, has been accepted by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) as part of a national archive.

The STC-U of S art commemoration project, "The Child Taken" became part of national history today during the final Bentwood Box ceremony at the Edmonton TRC National Gathering.

The box traveled with the commission to different provinces and territories where offerings were made to commemorate personal journeys toward healing and reconciliation. The box will be permanently housed in the National Research Centre at the University of Manitoba.

Special thanks to: Elders Patty Juzicappi, Joe Quewezance, Phillip Ledoux and Eugene Arcand; Susan Shantz, the head of Art and Art history; Chief Thomas, Bev Wise, IRS Support Program Coordinator; and artists Josh wade, Kayla Prive, Lesley Kerpan, Nicole Paul, Corrina Wollf, Sandra Buchner. | #trc2014 | #ABNE