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The Education Unit has grown to twelve professional staff that coordinates education programs and services for its member First Nation schools.  Each position compliments the team with their areas of expertise to support the STC Professional Learning Community. They include:

  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Education
  • Special Education Consultant
  • Youth, Sports, Culture, and Recreation Coordinator
  • Career Education/Super Saturday Program Coordinator
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator
  • First Nation Student Success Program Coordinator
  • First Nation Student Success Data Management Coordinator
  • First Nation Student Success Assessment Coordinator
  • Education Partnership Program Manager
  • Education Partnership Program Assistant Coordinator
  • First Nation Languages & Culture Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Education Program Assistant

The diverse educational backgrounds of the Education Unit ensure member First Nation schools have quality professional services to improve learning outcomes for children and youth.  They work relentlessly and collaboratively with school staffs to ensure educational resources, instructional strategies, assessment strategies, and promising practices are current, interesting and meet the learning needs of all students.

Education Services

The Education Unit provides its seven-member First Nation schools with second level services to assist and strengthen education programs and initiatives in schools that is consistent with the Spirit and Intent of the Treaties.

The Education Unit assists with and/or provides its seven-member First Nation communities with sports, culture, and recreation opportunities to support the healthy lifestyles, skills, and fitness of children and youth.

The Education Unit is guided by the Education Advisory Committee in order to ensure its students are recipients of quality education and academic achievement; and quality training and skill development in the fields of sports, culture, and recreation.

The Education Unit accomplishes these tasks through the introduction and  implementation of best practices; best teaching strategies; a current and meaningful curriculum; and through strong qualified leadership in education, sports, culture, and recreation.

The Education Unit provides ongoing and collaborative supervision services to facilitate professional growth for all professional staff.

Education Programs include:


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