Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is a financial literacy program that introduces youth to business and entrepreneurship.  The program teaches about jobs, business, work readiness skills, and the value of diversity in the school and workplace.  The primary goal of the program is to inspire and educate students so that they may develop confidence, leadership skills, and critical thinking skills to succeed in a global economy.  A second, but equally important goal is to set in motion a significant and measurable shift in the entrepreneurial attitudes and economic contributions of Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal youth.  In the long term, exposure to this type of education will result in enhanced levels of youth entrepreneurship and an increase in youth-owned business start-ups. The Saskatoon Tribal Council Youth Entrepreneurship Program is funded by PotashCorp Inc.

2012/2013 YEP Programming includes:

Education Programming

Elementary and High Schools students from grades 4-12 receive financial literacy and entrepreneurship programming throughout the year for each of the seven member schools.  This fall, our grade 7-12 students experienced the Funny Money program delivered by comedian James Cunningham.  The goal of Funny Money is to take all of the confusion out of the complex world of finances and empower today’s youth with the knowledge they need to make good financial choices.  The award-winning program is an innovative and revolutionary way to teach young adults the basics of good money management because it uses comedy to engage its audience. 

Business Competitions

Business plan competitions encourage existing and new entrepreneurs within the Aboriginal demographic and create awareness of the burgeoning Aboriginal business community in Saskatchewan.

Elementary and high school students participate in youth business summits where they compete for first, second, and third place in a lemonade marketing game.

Mino-Bimaadiziwin – a business competition geared towards youth aged 16-35 years.  The Saskatoon Tribal Council is committed to encouraging youth that the sky is the limit regarding their potential, hence the term “mino-bimaadiziwin” (the good life).  This competition will allow the winners to access prize money that they will be able to put toward their cash equity when looking for funding for their business start-ups.

Find out more on Mino-Bimaadiziwin

Mino-Bimaadiziwin Poster

Summer Youth Business Camp

Students have an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of small business management and entrepreneurship while making new friends.  Students learn about time management, goal setting, and basic business principles along with creating a business plan.   Other opportunities may include the chance to meet leading Aboriginal entrepreneurs, go on field trips, and compete for prizes against fellow entrepreneurs. 

Other YEP Activities

Annual Lemonade Day – a program that supports elementary students to set up lemonade stands and sell lemonade for that day and to keep the proceeds.  Lemonade Day teaches kids how to create a business and to learn about profit by selling a product.


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