Children’s Home

Description of Program

On March 1, 2011 the Children’s Emergency Home opened in Saskatoon.  The facility is a newly renovated ten-bed facility providing 24-hour emergency support and a safe living environment for First Nations, Aboriginal, and Non-Aboriginal children.  The home provides a safe and nurturing place for children and sibling groups on a short-term emergency basis.

Children aged 0 to 12 years of age are able to reside at the home with the goal of successfully reuniting them back with immediate/extended family.  In the event that is not possible, attempts are made to reintroduce children back into their First Nations communities.

Since opening the home, placements have been made for sibling groups that would otherwise have been placed in different facilities.  By keeping siblings together the children’s emotional, behavioural and social needs are better met in a safe and healthy environment.

Within the home children’s needs are met by providing dental care, along with school and extracurricular activities to encourage healthy growth for the children.

Since the home opened, numerous children have successfully been returned to their immediate or extended family, which is viewed as a successful achievement for family reunification.

The Children’s Emergency Home is status blind meaning all genders, races, and cultures are accepted.


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