Early Childhood Development

Description of Program

The Early Childhood Program assists STC member First Nations in developing and maintaining programs and services that support early childhood and family development needs. The ECD program is responsible for the collective coordination and priorities of the STC community Child Care Programs and Aboriginal Head Start Programs.

Child Care facilities are licensed, and both Child Care and Headstart programs are monitored based on Saskatchewan First Nations Regulations and Policies, to ensure programs meet basic standards which are equivalent to, or better than provincial Child Care Regulations.   This includes monitoring to meet Environmental Health standards and Nutrition guidelines. 

Specific Services Available

  • Mentoring/coaching of new staff;
  • Encouraging use of culturally based, play centered programming, appropriate to the children they care for;
  • Organizing and/or providing workshops for professional development;
  • Providing information about post-secondary training opportunities;
  • Links to other STC programs for needed services:
  • Ongoing program monitoring, evaluation and reporting; and
  • Planning for future program development.

Program criteria including age group served

  • Child Care provides services for children aged 6 months to 6 years, whose parents or guardians are employed or in post-secondary education or seeking employment (receiving EI benefits) Fees, as determined by each First Nation, are charged for monthly services.  Each First Nation center is licensed for a specific number of infant, toddler and preschool children, depending on the size of their facility.
  • Headstart provides programming for families with children aged birth to six years.  Most are center based programs for 3 to 5 year old children, with outreach programming to support family involvement.  Headstart Is provided free of charge to families.
  • Both programs may provide services to children with disabilities.

Due to limited funding, there may be waiting lists for program services.


Early Childhood Program Coordinator
STC Health & Family Services
200 – 335 Packham Avenue
Saskatoon, SK    S7N 4S1
Phone: (306) 956.6100
Fax: (306) 956.3268