Environmental Health Unit

This unit offers a variety of services designed to protect STC member communities from health risks arising from the environment or from everyday activities. There is a focus on water quality, food safety, sewage disposal, infrastructure quality control and inspections, specific disease areas (West Nile Virus), emergency response, public facility inspections, injury prevention and some aspects of communicable disease control.

Environmental Health Program

Mandate and Description of Program

To develop, implement, support and oversee a comprehensive program to identify, monitor and report on environmental health conditions amongst member First Nations and to advocate at both the community and the Regional level for the correction of any environmental health conditions which may adversely affect health.

Specific Services Available

  • Operation of the Safe Drinking Water Program for STC communities, including bacterial sampling and testing, chemical sampling, community notification and education.
  • Inspection and follow-up at facilities such as daycares, schools community sewage lagoons, private sewage disposal systems, landfills, institutions, food service facilities and health related housing inspections.
  • Investigation and identification environmental concerns.
  • Providing information, training and educational seminars to promote awareness and understanding of environmental health issues.

Program criteria including age group served

  • The Environmental Health Program Manager or Environmental Health Officer is able to provide basic program related information directly. Inspection services must be accessed through a request from Chief & Council or a Community Health Nurse, CHR/CHE or Health Director.


Environmental Health Program Manager
STC Health & Family Services
200 – 335 Packham Avenue
Saskatoon, SK    S7N 4S1
Phone: (306) 956.6100
Fax: (306) 956.3268