SHARP – Saskatoon HIV / AIDS Reduction (in harm) Program

Main Objective

To create a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary drop-in center, located in the heart of Saskatoon’s low income neighbourhoods, which will provide a wide range of services to treat HIV and STI’s. SHARP will strive to improve the quality of health care services provided for and received by those persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and STI’s, specifically those of Aboriginal ancestry.

Mandate and Description of Program

  • HIV prevention
  • HIV, AIDS & STI`s awareness & education
  • Mental Health counselling
  • Addiction counselling
  • Pre & post HIV testing counselling
  • Elder counselling
  • Providing social support
  • Client advocacy & Assistance in proccuring housing and transportation
  • Referrals

Program Description

  • To provide a complete set of coordinated continuum of care options to those living with HIV and those at high risk of contracting HIV and STI’s.
  • SHARP provides services to the Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Community, STC seven First Nation Bands and all others affected and infected with HIV and AIDS.
  • SHARP provides education, prevention, awareness, referrals, elder, counselling and support to those who are affected & infected with HIV, AIDS and/or STI’s.

Specific Services Available

SHARP Office Hours of Operation 8 AM – 4:30 PM
Needle Exchange opens 7 days a week
Hours: 12 PM – 5 PM

Program Criteria including age group served

SHARP serves clients in all age groups who is affected, infected or at risk of contracting HIV, AIDS and STI’s.


Community Health Program Manager
STC Health Centre
1514 20th Street West
Saskatoon, SK    S7M 0Z5
Phone: (306) 956.0340
Fax: (306) 956.0339

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